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Our Services

Appliance Repair

We repair all makes and models of household appliances. Call us at 831-223-3266 with any questions, or to make an appointment. Please be ready to provide, if possible, the brand of the appliance, the model number (see here) and a brief description of the problem. If your do not have this information, you are still encouraged to call so that we may assist you.

Appliance Maintenance

Proper maintenance is essential for the efficient operation and long life of your appliance. Cleaning lint from your filters, coils, and vents will save energy and cut down on fire hazards. Flushing your water heater, or combing the fins on your air conditioner will make these appliance operate much more efficiently. Regular maintenance saves wear and tear on your appliance and helps to ensure that it will serve you for many years to come.

Small Appliances

Most things can be repaired, if parts are available, and if it's economical. We can repair small appliances, tools, vacuum cleaners, sewing machines and many other items. In most cases, if parts are available, and if the item is cost-effective to repair, then we can fix it with no problem. And, for these jobs, consultation is FREE! Call 831-223-3266 for more information.

Appliance Recycling

It is important to recycle used appliances for many reasons. Since we only have one planet, there is a limit to both landfill space and sources for new metal. Additionally, appliances can contain many chemicals, including refrigerants, lubricants, plastics, and PCBs that may harm the environment. If these are not disposed of properly, they cannot be reused, and may end up being a serious source of pollution. To help avoid this problem, Andersen Appliance provides free appliance recycling. We will take your old appliances, refurbish them, or strip them for useful parts, and ensure that the remains are recycled in accordance with proper regulations and environmental sensitivity. If you have cosmetically appealing appliances, that can easily be repaired, we are even willing to pay cash for these items.